Someone once said that “being married mostly means shouting ‘what?’ from other rooms.” If that sounds familiar, then you’re not alone. However, what happens if this used to be the case for you, but lately you haven’t gotten a response every time? You may also notice that you have to tell your other half the same thing several times or that they don’t seem to be listening. When you take everything together, you need to be asking yourself – is this “selective hearing” or is it hearing loss?


How can you tell?

Finding out if your other half has a hearing loss may not be as simple as asking them. They may be in denial. It’s also easy for someone who is experiencing gradual deterioration to be unaware of the scope of their problem. Here are some big indicators to help you tell:

  • Change – Jokes about selective communication aside, if your other half used to be responsive and their behavior has changed for no reason, it’s possible that an underlying issue is to blame.
  • Interacting with other sounds – People who have a hearing loss often experience difficulty on the phone or in loud environments. Notice whether your other half is avoiding making calls or letting you do it. If they are quieter than normal at the dinner table, this might also be a sign.
  • Turning up the volume – If your other half is constantly reaching for the volume button and the level they choose seems loud to you, it may be that they cannot distinguish the sound at lower levels.


Is it possible for hearing loss to go undetected?

It’s estimated that one in five Americans has a hearing loss. That’s nearly 20 million people. Many of these go untreated and have progressed to a significant level by the time a physician gets involved. This might be due to a stoic attitude, simple denial, unawareness, or fear. Regardless of the reason, some people need a bit of a nudge from someone in their lives to get the issue addressed. This could prevent things from getting worse. Putting off a hearing test can have far-reaching implications for hearing health. It can also have a negative impact on relationships, but then you already knew that!

Know for certain

The best way to be sure about your other half’s ability to hear is to encourage them to get a hearing test. You can reassure them that it’s an easy process which will provide instant results. With Hearing Aid Concierge, they won’t even have to leave the comfort of their home, so you can use this as another persuasive point.

Once we know the situation for certain, we can make recommendations for hearing equipment that can restore communication. If it turns out there are no issues, we’ll leave you alone to have a “strong discussion” about listening.

It’s easy to schedule a visit for a hearing evaluation with Hearing Aid Concierge. You can give Wendy a call at 949-478-1254. If you prefer online communication, you can also visit our website to book your hearing test at home.