Truly experiencing the world around us means tapping into each of our senses: taste, smell, sight, touch, and hearing. Lose one sense and the world becomes a little duller. Lose the ability to hear clearly and engaging with the world, with family, friends and loved ones becomes a challenge.

Perhaps you’ve already seen the consequences of hearing loss in a loved one. Are they more frustrated, angry, withdrawn or depressed? You don’t have to stand back and watch as their hearing deteriorates, you can step in to help them get the care they need.

This isn’t always easy. Your loved one may not have realized or accepted their hearing loss. They may be resistant to getting help due to out-dated stereotypes of clunky, conspicuous and uncomfortable hearing aids. They may simply feel too ashamed or embarrassed to deal with their hearing loss.

Through all of this resistance, it is important to focus on the transformative effect proper hearing care and hearing aids can make to their quality of life. So with that in mind, here are a few tips to help you help your loved one with hearing loss:


Find some quiet time

Talking about your loved one’s hearing loss is a sensitive subject. Make sure you find some time for just the two of you to sit down together, without the distractions of other people around.


Explain where you’re coming from

Asking your loved one right off the bat whether they have hearing loss may not go down too well. So consider starting by telling them what you’ve noticed. Perhaps you’ve been turning the volume on the TV up for them, raising your voice, repeating yourself and rephrasing things so that they’ll understand what’s being said. Then ask them if they’ve noticed any changes in their hearing, all the while letting them know that hearing loss is something that affects a lot of people of all ages.


Tell them about what you’ve learned about hearing aids today

Often those with hearing loss are hesitant to accept it because they are worried about having to wear hearing aids, expecting them to be uncomfortable, difficult to work, unsightly and ultimately, not that effective. Do some research into modern hearing aids so you can confidently tell your loved one how they are discreet, easy to use pieces of technology that come with a range of features to suit all lifestyles.


Get friends and family involved

Sometimes it takes hearing the same revelation from multiple people before someone is able to accept it as truth. Ask friends and family members to find the time to speak to your loved one about their hearing loss, explaining how it’s affecting their relationship with them.


Be supportive

Remember that your loved one will likely go through a range of emotions as they learn to accept their hearing loss. So be understanding and empathetic. Knowing they have your support can make all the difference when it comes to getting the hearing care they need, starting with a hearing test.


What comes next?

When your loved one finally does come around to the idea of getting their hearing tested, they may still feel anxious. That’s where Hearing Aid Concierge can help.

It is completely normal to feel nervous about getting a hearing test, even though it is non-invasive and completely painless. Part of that stems from what the test might reveal, but part of it also comes from being in unfamiliar surroundings. Hearing loss often leaves people more fearful of getting out and about, especially in places they are new to.

With Hearing Aid Concierge, your loved one doesn’t need to leave the comfort of their own home to get their hearing health checked.

Our Hearing Aid Specialist, Wendy Meyer-Eberhard is passionate about helping everyone enjoy good hearing health. That’s why she makes it her mission to provide those in need with a hearing test at home. Orange County, San Diego, Riverside, and Los Angeles residents can all benefit from the hearing test services provided by Wendy in the comfort of their own homes. Give Wendy a call on 949-478-1254 to book your loved one a hearing test and help them take the first step to enjoying all the sounds the world has to offer.