In our day-to-day lives, we’re bombarded with health and fitness recommendations for annual health screenings. Mammograms and vision/dental exams are now regarded as essential annual routines to help us stay healthy and active. However, it’s a common misconception that hearing loss is easily detectable and that annual screenings are largely unnecessary, but research affirms just the opposite. Regular hearing wellness checks are now regarded as extremely important, especially for those in the “Baby Boomers” generation. Hearing loss can negatively impact your overall health over time, resulting in falls, cognitive challenges and even psychological conditions such as depression and dementia.

Hearing loss is remarkably subtle, but if you frequently crank up the volume as you listen to your favorite podcast or you constantly ask your friends to repeat key details of your “game day” plans, you could be experiencing the very first signs. Hearing aids can positively impact your health for the better, but the earlier that hearing issues are detected, the better. By improving balance of the vestibular apparatuses located inside of the ears, hearing aids have shown significant impact on the fall rates of the elderly. This is just one of many reasons why early detection of hearing loss is so valuable, particularly among members of previous generations.

Current initiatives are taking action to inform the public of the importance of regular hearing screenings, namely “Hear Well. Stay Vital.” This breakthrough campaign is aimed at increasing hearing loss awareness by encouraging a simple initial checkup, followed by annual hearing exams. This campaign is so special to me because it is driving the message behind my lifelong mission–to help us detect hearing loss early on to retain vitality as we age. To follow our passions, we need our hearing. By emphasizing the health benefits associated with good hearing, the goal of this campaign is to gradually build awareness of the need for annual hearing exams while encouraging patients to incorporate these screenings into their “to-do” list of healthy habits.

I’ve seen the “Hear Well. Stay Vital” campaign truly taking social media by storm with its compelling graphics, relevant facts, and noteworthy statistics that bring to light the impact of hearing loss on an individual’s overall health, and its reach is not limited to specific demographics. In fact, this worthy campaign includes calls to action for children and young adults to also schedule initiatory and annual hearing examinations, due in part to potential damage from earbuds and other electronic amplification devices. The campaign’s recommendation is simple and straightforward: regardless of age or background, it’s crucial to check your hearing to regularly to address any issues and to prevent further damage.

When you’re ready to have your hearing checked by a caring, trained professional, I, Wendy Meyer-Eberhard, a Board Certified Hearing Aid Specialist, am honored to help. Offering convenient screenings in office or at your home, I’m thrilled to provide quality care in Orange County, San Diego, Riverside, and Los Angeles. Please contact us today to schedule your appointment.